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[sticky post] Welcome to Le Doda Journal

Here is where I post my sims stuff, right now I've a story. It's about the Larsons.

Inseparable - Downloads

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I've bee on tumblr lately. I'm seeking help with making a makeup defaults. I've put all 26 maxis lipsticks on a new alpha, by me. And I cannot make them a default package. And I was wondering if someone is willing to help. Thanks everyone

I'm not dead

I'm not dead, I just migrated to tumblr. Follow me on my new tumblr Doda-sims.tumblr.com


Inseparable - Prologue

Welcome to my new story, It's the same one from before just better, taken with gadwin. With more details in short REVAMPED & IMPROVED!


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An old happy new year gift!

Due to my connection problems I missed many stuff. Including posting Christmas lot and Happy new year lot. I'll post the Christmas lot later. Here's the new year one.

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Hello, everyone. My internet connection is down since Wednesday  I got to go to a cybercafe and see all your stuff. I'm good and fine. I'm just saying merry Christmas. I've even made a lot for today. But unfortunately it's trapped in my laptop. I wish you a nice night. I've a small night out today. Hope you have fun! :)

Did I mention that keoni_chan spoilt me with a SS gift?



I'm officially done with my SS gift! Horay!


A simple useless gift from me!

There is nothing much here a couple of swimsuit for AM with EM textures. It comes without a proper preview, doesn't require a mesh or anything. Texture-EA

It was based on this! :D

Download here! 
https://www.box.com/s/fnpivkndpzyo0kn3lsl9  :)